Imagine if the packaging protecting your parcels in the post could be sent back to be reused again and again and again. The circular economy is a new way to think about the products we use every day. Everything is being reinvented.

By 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean. That’s if we don’t do something to stop the 8 million tonnes of plastic that enter the oceans every year. We urgently need to rethink the way we make and use packaging. For instance, converting just 20% of plastic packaging into reuse models is a USD 10 billion business opportunity that benefits customers and represents a crucial element in the quest to eliminate plastic waste and pollution.

One such company rethinking packaging is RePack. They have created a reusable packaging solution that can be folded down to letter size when empty and posted back through the letterbox free of charge anywhere in the world so that it can be reused for future deliveries. The reusable bags have been designed to be as durable as possible to ensure that they can be reused many times over. It’s worth noting that this solution may not be 100% circular and of course, it’s not the only way to rethink packaging, it is one particular solution amongst many that could contribute to creating a circular economy for packaging.

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