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Upstream Innovation: a guide to packaging solutions

The Upstream Innovation guide tells how to harness the power of upstream innovation as a root-cause solution to plastic waste.

Extended Producer Responsibility

A necessary part of the solution to packaging waste and pollution

Perspective on ‘Breaking the Plastic Wave’ study

The circular economy solution to plastic pollution

Universal policy goals

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has set out five universal circular economy policy goals that provide a framework.

New Plastics Economy

Don’t worry, it hasn’t gone, it has simply moved to
the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s website
where you can find out more
about a circular economy for plastics.


Fixing the economy to fix climate change

Circular economy in Africa: examples and opportunities

This collection of insights on the circular economy in Africa explores key questions about accelerating the circular economy on the continent.

France’s Anti-waste and Circular Economy Law

France is shaping a system-wide transition towards a circular economy with an ambitious law that has introduced several measures that are a world first.

EU's Innovation Deal for a circular economy

Innovators and policymakers collaborate to identify circular solutions for electric vehicle batteries, and to evolve the legal framework so that circular innovations can scale.

Summit 21

This online event explores how we collaborate to connect government and industry to tackle our biggest global challenges while creating resilience and wellbeing.